Frequently Asked Questions from School District Teams and Early Childhood Programs

Yes, you will be emailed a report within 2 weeks of the visit. We can also schedule a debrief meeting at the end of the visit to talk over our observations. Birth-3 home visit summary reports go to parents and can be uploaded to the ESIT DMS or submitted to the FRC.

Yes, we provide comprehensive communication, cognitive, academic, adaptive, American Sign Language, social/emotional learning, speech, etc. For additional evaluations such as pragmatics in social skills, please contact us for more information.

Please note: At this time, we do not provide physical therapy or occupational therapy (PT/OT) evaluations.

Following the final testing session with a student, a final comprehensive report will be completed within three (3) weeks. Once all evaluations are completed, each consultant has 2 weeks to write up their own individual results and one more week to compile all the reports into one final all-inclusive report.

Yes, we can, depending on availability of consultants. Several school districts contract directly with CDHY to provide DHH services for students in their district.

Yes, CDHY can be added to the IEP however, it is not advisable. If the district does list CDHY or any outside agency as the service provider, and CDHY (or another agency) cannot provide the service, the district or program can be left in a precarious position. It is better to list the service desired rather than a specific contractor. This can be listed under supplementary aids and services as “consultant.” It is not advisable to list any contractor specifically, as the district does not have authority over a contractor. Please check with your counsel or OSPI for guidance, this is not intended to provide legal advice or counsel.

The amount of service needed or offered varies widely. Most often, CDHY does not have a structure of support or the number of consultants to be able to provide weekly visits.

We are available to come in person, as well as virtually, by email, or phone/text. During COVID-19, services are available all of these ways on a case by case basis.

Anyone on the school team including the parent can request services, we contract with school districts and early childhood programs for a Consultant Services Agreement.

$225.00 per hour per consultant. The charge is for time providing services only. We do not charge for travel or report writing.

Yes, we will need full information prior to the visit for each student. Districts are billed for the time spent in the district, (not travel or report writing), so we can see as many students as possible in a day.