The Washington Center for Deaf & Hard of Hearing Youth (CDHY), formerly the Center for Childhood Deafness and Hearing Loss (CDHL), is a statewide resource committed to ensuring all deaf and hard of hearing students in Washington reach their full potential regardless of where they live or attend school.

CDHY has three mandates which include:

  1. To operate and manage the Washington School for the Deaf
  2. To provide Outreach services for deaf and hard of hearing children throughout the state of Washington regardless of location
  3. To provide statewide professional development to those working in the field of Deaf Education

Our Mission

Agency Mission Statement

The Washington State Center for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Youth (CDHY) is a statewide resource that provides leadership and support for educational programming for children who are deaf and hard of hearing, their families, and the service providers who support them. Our highly qualified, trained professionals work in partnership with parents, school districts, and community members to support language development, social-emotional learning, and academic achievement. Direct and/or consultative support services are provided in three broad ways: on campus at the Washington School for the Deaf, outreach services in local school districts and communities, and statewide through the provision of training and professional development opportunities for educators, service providers, and families.

Component Mission Statements

  • Washington School for the Deaf: Provide an inclusive, student centered and culturally rich environment to ensure all students become bilingual and life-long learners.
  • Outreach Services: Every child, everywhere, everyday, receives appropriate instruction that meets their educational, cultural, social, emotional and communication needs.
  • Professional Development: Facilitated by CDHY’s network of specialists working throughout the state to support professionals working in the field of Deaf Education. This work is done in conjunction with both public and private partners.

What is the CDHY/WSD Connection

CDHY is the agency to which WSD (Washington School for the Deaf) belongs. The CDHY Board of Trustees oversees all programs and operations at WSD. The Superintendent of WSD reports to the CDHY Executive Director. The CDHY Executive Director is part of the Washington State small agency cabinet and reports to the Governor.

CDHY Outreach Team

The Washington Center for Deaf & Hard of Hearing Youth (CDHY) Outreach Team is charged by legislature to assist school districts in their commitment to provide a free and appropriate education for their deaf and hard of hearing students. The outreach team can help you assess the needs of the deaf and hard of hearing students in your district and be a resource in providing appropriate services. We work in collaboration with your district team to develop a plan to best support your students.