Ages 6-21 Professional Development Sessions

How to Work with and Educational Interpreter

This workshop is for general education teachers and will focus on how to work with classroom interpreters. In this workshop, we will cover the basics of interpreting, the differentiation between “signer” and “interpreter”, and review of the standards of interpretation as established by the Educational Interpreter Performance Assessment Diagnostic Center.

Interpreting for Meaning

This workshop heightens an educational interpreter’s awareness of extracting meaning from source language (teacher) to better accommodate target language (what is signed to the student).

How to Incorporate Classifiers into your Work

This workshop will take spoken English examples and allow participants to practice using classifiers in order to help convey the information and enhance the message.

Topic Specific Interpreting and Vocabulary (High school math & science)

These sessions are designed to allow participants to practice interpreting scenarios with specific vocabulary for the following courses: earth science, algebra, cross-cultural communication, math, and English. This will incorporate the acquisition of new signs and include group discussion.

Educational Interpreter Performance Assessment Review

This is an interactive workshop for educational interpreters preparing for the Educational Interpreter Performance Assessment (EIPA). The session will include lecture, hands on practice, and modeling, in order to provide an overview of the EIPA itself, and be an opportunity for participants to practice prior to taking the assessment in an attempt to help reduce anxiety levels.