Home Visits & Support

The Early Intervention (EI) team can facilitate home visits with your family, intended to support the development of the Individual Family Service plan (IFSP) and outcomes associated with your child’s developmental needs. The EI team can provide assistance with developing your child’s IFSP and provide information regarding your child’s hearing levels, audiology reports, communication development and language acquisition, cognition, social-emotional well-being, as well as hearing and visual technologies crucial to your child’s development.

Family Night

CDHY facilitates Family Night for deaf and hard of hearing children and their families in various regions around Washington. Family Night events include activities for the kids while parents engage in great learning opportunities and have a chance to discuss topics relevant to deaf and hard of hearing children and their families. Specific agendas vary depending on location, however; most Family Night events include dinner, crafts, lectures or group discussions, and the opportunity to socialize with fellow parents and professionals. Check our calendar for upcoming events in your area and come join us.